Product Review: Leash Locket #leashlocket

leashlocketIf you are a dog lover, then you need to read this review. I received a nifty little gadget called a Leash Locket to try out, and it is a really neat idea for the busy dog owner.

The premise of this product is simple. You attach a little strap with fasteners to your dog’s existing collar. On the exterior of this strap is a little magnet to which you secure the Leash Locket (as seen above). The idea is really ingenious! Your dog’s leash is attached to his or her collar via this magnet. Therefore, your dog is essentially wearing the leash. It’s not a terribly complicated contraption, but it’s a really great concept.

If you are wanting to take your doggie for a walk, all you need to do is detach the leash from the magnet, and clip it to your dog’s collar and walk as normal! When you are done your walk, just detach the leash and reattach the Leash Locket to the magnet on your dog’s collar. It’s handy, and best of all, you are not going to lose your dog’s leash!

The leash itself is a typical retractable leash that you have probably already used if you are a dog owner. It has a locking function if you want to prevent your dog from wandering too far. (The leash extends up to 6 feet).

I took my dog Daisy for a walk using the Leash Locket, and it went very well. She didn’t seem at all fazed by having the locket attached to her collar. She was just happy to be going for a walk!

When you purchase a Leash Locket, a portion of the proceeds from each sale go to the Leash Locket ASTRO Foundation, which helps abused and neglected animals. You can find out more about Leash Locket when you visit their website.

Product Review: Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel #refreshpeels


I was sent a sample of Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel 15% to review. Skin peels are a relatively new phenomenon to me, even though they have been around for many years. For whatever reason, the idea of skin peels kind of scared me. I guess seeing the horror stories of women who have too many chemical peels (and looking like lobsters!) made me a bit fearful.

However, after doing some research on the topic, I realized that at-home skin peels are not a big deal. The concentration of acids used are relatively low, and as long as you follow the instructions on the packaging, there should be no problems.

The Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel consists of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) which are used to improve the appearance of the skin by gently exfoliating the deadened upper layers. The upper layer of dead skin is removed to reveal the supple and healthier looking layer underneath. It’s almost like getting a mini-facelift.

The peel that I sampled contained 4 different acids including: glycolic, pyruvic, lactic and kojic acids. The three AHA’s are glycolic, pyruvic and lactic acids. These three are the heavy hitters which do the gentle exfoliation of the upper layers of skin. The kojic acid is added as a skin brightener. The purpose of using an at-home skin peel is to reduce wrinkles/fine lines, reduce the appearance of age spots, reduce acne scars, improve the overall luminosity of the skin.

The Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel packaging recommended cleansing and fully drying the skin. Then, the gel is applied over the entire face, with the exception of around the eyes and lips. You can leave the gel peel on the face from one to three minutes, depending on how well you tolerate it. If you feel too much tingling or burning, then it is recommended that you rinse your face with cool water immediately. I did not find that this product was very irritating, so I left it on for the full three minutes. After that, I rinsed my face with cool water and patted it dry. Immediately after drying, I used a night cream moisturizer to prevent too much drying of the skin.

After using the gel peel, my skin felt really soft and supple. I like how it reduces the dull appearance of my skin. Using a skin peel once in a while is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up my skin. The Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel was very easy to use, and I loved how it made my skin feel.

You can purchase the Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel on Amazon.

Giveaway! Holiday Julep Beauty Bag (12/24)(Can/US)


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All products have been purchased by me for the purposes of this giveaway.

Well, the holidays are almost here, and it’s time for another beauty bag giveaway! This time it’s all Julep products. I have been a Julep beauty box subscriber for a couple years now, and I have amassed quite a collection of nail polish along the way. Since I started subscribing, Julep has branched out into other areas, and you choose can a beauty box filled with cosmetic products instead of strictly nail polish.

The way it works is this: If you are new to the site, you take a beauty quiz so that they can get a sense of your beauty “personality”. This determines what type of beauty box that you will receive each month. My beauty alter-ego is “It Girl”. However, you are never locked into one type of beauty box. You can switch it up each month if you find a different offering that appeals to you. If you want to skip a month, you can do that too. It’s pretty user-friendly, and most of all, it’s fun.

So with a lot of Julep product in my closet, I thought I would share a prize with my readers for the holidays. This one includes 3 polishes, an eyeshadow and a cosmetic bag.

1. Julep Color Treat Nail Polish in shade Fifi: Tea time pink crème.

2. Julep Color Treat Nail Polish in shade Marzia: Pewter chrome.

3. Julep Color Treat Nail Polish in shade Dawn: Citron crème.

4. Julep Orbital Eyeshadow in shade Airglow: Champagne with rose gold pearlescence.

If you want to check out more offerings from Julep, check out their online store. You will find much to tempt you, trust me!





Book Review: Clean Food Diet

cleanfoodClean eating seems to be a growing trend in the food industry. The idea behind is it to eat foods straight from nature, with minimal processing. It’s not always the easiest way to eat though, and so having a new cookbook to give me some new ideas was great to see.

Author Jonathan Vine starts this book by giving the reader an introduction to clean eating; what it is, what to eat, techniques one uses to cook clean food. It is all really informative, and gives the reader a good background for this topic, without being overly technical. Incidentally, the introduction really gives you pause to think about what you eat, and it makes you want to eat less processed food.

Clean Food Diet has over 50 recipes to help you get started in a more healthful eating regimen. The recipes are wide ranging and include appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes and desserts. I perused the offerings and although I am a fairly picky eater, there was several recipes which really tempted my palate.

One recipe that I tried recently was the Tomato and Cheese Skewers. I could not pass this recipe up, considering that tomatoes and cheese are two of my most loved foods! This recipe was really easy to prepare, and so delicious. I am planning on serving this dish at an upcoming holiday dinner that I am hosting.

I really enjoyed Clean Eating and its recipe offerings. If you are eating at exploring the concept of clean eating, but don’t know where to start, then this book is a great book to peruse. The writing is very clear and understandable. Each recipe includes nutritional data for people who are counting calories as part of a structured eating regimen.

You can purchase Clean Eating on  Amazon.

Product Review: Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream #Eyecream

eyecreamI was recently introduced to Yalmeh skin care products when I was sent some eye creams to review. This is the second Yalmeh skin care product for the eye that I have used. Yalmeh Aloe Super Youth Eye Cream is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

First thing that I noticed about this product was the packaging. It is really attractive! There is a beautiful water color image of a woman on the box. While it has nothing to do with the actual cream itself, it is a nice touch. If you were to buy a Yalmeh beauty product for someone special in your life, the artwork on the package automatically would make your recipient smile. It gives the impression of quality in the product.

The primary ingredient in the Yalmeh Aloe Super Youth Eye Cream is glycolic acid. This acid is used in many beauty creams and peels for its exfoliative effects. It gently exfoliates the upper layer of dead skin cells on the face, and reveals the newer more supple looking layers beneath. The primary effect of this product is its exfoliating effect, and it is not primarily used as a moisturizer. However, it may be beneficial (or desirable) to use a moisturizer around the eyes in addition to this product to maximize its effects, especially in the colder months.

The information on the packaging states that the product should be applied lightly, about 1/4 inch on the tip of the finger. It should be applied on 4 or 5 places under each eye and very gently massaged into this area. Their product monograph states that the glycolic acid may cause some stinging to the skin around the eye. This did not happen to me while I have been using the product. However, if you have sensitive skin and this happens, then it is recommended that you decrease the use of this product to 3-4 times weekly.

In order to see maximum benefit from the Yalmeh Aloe Super Youth Eye Cream, it is recommended that is used morning and evening for a minimum of 3 months. I have only been using it for a couple weeks, so I have not had the opportunity to see the total effect of this product. However, I can say that it has a lovely texture, light and creamy. It absorbs into the delicate skin around the eye really easily. It has a really velvety feel, its a luxurious little cream! As mentioned previously, I did not experience any stinging, burning or sensitivity around the eyes. It has a very mild fragrance, very subtle and pretty.

I have really enjoyed using this product, and look forward to seeing more improvements in the coming weeks.

You can find Yalmeh Aloe Super Youth Eye Cream on sale right now on Amazon. You can also purchase their products on their online store.  Yalmeh stands by the quality of all its beauty products and is committed to its customers satisfaction. They guarantee their products 100% and will work to ensure the satisfaction of all its customers.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Product Review: Pure Care Natural Bathroom Cleaner #purecarehome

purecareKeeping a house clean with two growing kids and a dog is a constant challenge. It seems that it is a losing battle at times. Finding a cleaning product which is effective, non-toxic is a whole other challenge. I have a young child with asthma, so I am not keen about using sprays and aerosol products which distribute a lot of chemicals into the air.

Pure Care makes a line of eco-friendly, non-toxic, aromatherapy enhanced household cleaning products. Their products contain essential oils such as: eucalyptus, patchouli, cedar, lemongrass and clove which provide cleaning power and pleasant fragrances. You don’t have to worry about what chemicals are being distributed into the air because it’s the same stuff found in nature.

I sampled the above pictured Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner. It comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle. Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner is infused with eucalyptus, clove and cedar extracts in conjunction with natural cleaners. This product can be used to clean mold, mildew, hard water stains, rust and mineral deposits. You can use it on many different surfaces including porcelain, sinks, counters, fixtures,  floors and walls.

I used the Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner to clean our bathroom counter and vanity. It was supremely dirty, so it was a real test for any cleaner. I found that the Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner was more than up to the task. It tackled the soap scum, dust, and mineral deposits on the sink and counters easily. The eucalyptus, clove and cedar provided a pleasant scent. It should be noted that people with fragrance sensitivities might have a problem with this product. Although the scents are natural, they are a bit on the strong side for those who are sensitive to scent.

I also sampled Pure Care Refreshing Mint Dish Soap. It also came in a 32 ounce bottle. The first thing that I noticed was its scent. I love the smell of mint. It was not an overpowering smell by any means, but it was a real delight! It was very effective in cleaning my dishes. I have used it continuously over the last couple weeks, and have put it to the test on really heavily soiled dishes. It performed excellent, on par with any name brand dish soap that you would find in a supermarket.

If you are looking for an effective and safe cleaning alternative for your home, then I highly recommend that you check out the Pure Care line of products. Their products are non-toxic, natural and environmentally friendly aromatherapy cleaning products. You can purchase their products directly on their website, or through Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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It’s not too late to send amazing cards at an amazing price. Head on over to Tiny Prints now.



Product Review: Bio’Sensiya Rejuvenating MultiVitamin Night Time Serum #biosensiya

biosensiyaSerums seem to be the new workhorses of the beauty industry. Where once a night cream used to be the beginning and end of skin care for women, we now recognize that it’s a bit more complicated than that. Facial serums provide the essential vitamins that our skin needs to keep healthy and hydrated as we age.

Bio’Sensiya Rejuvenating MultiVitamin Night Time Serum is a product which is chock full of vitamins designed to keep your skin healthy, firm and attractive. The specific vitamins contained in this formulation include A, B, C, D, and E. It also contains hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid. This powerful combination of ingredients is designed for maximum effect. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is one of the most effective products available without a prescription to improve the appearance of aging skin. It helps to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles; it also helps to even skin pigmentation and reduce the look of age spots.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is an all-purpose workhorse that improves overall health of the skin. It helps to stop the damage to the skin which occurs through free radicals, chemicals which are omnipresent in the environment. Vitamin C is also a precursor of collagen, which is needed to help retain your skin’s plump appearance.

Ferulic acid, which comes from rice bran oil, is also an antioxidant. It acts in a similar way to vitamin C, and helps to reverse the effects of free radical damage to the skin.

The instructions on the product packaging advise that this product should be applied nightly to cleansed and toned facial skin, neck and decollete. It should be allowed to absorbed completely before applying any facial moisturizer. The package mentions that because the product contains retinol, it may cause redness, burning and some peeling at first use. I did not find that this happened to me, but it is a useful bit of information. This product has an appearance/texture somewhere between a gel and lotion. It had a very mild fragrance which was incredibly evocative. It reminded me of a type of soap that my mom used when I was very young. I could not put my finger on the exact scent, but it was nice. It bears mentioning that if you are sensitive to fragrance, then this product might cause some irritation.

I really enjoyed using this product. It was not irritating to my skin in the least. I have found that my skin has looked and felt great over the 3 weeks that I have been using it. My skin’s appearance looks more uniform, less blotchiness, and that is a definite plus for me.

You can purchase Bio’Sensiya Rejuvenating MultiVitamin Night Time Serum on Amazon.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Product Review: Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel #eyegelcanada

yalmehThis is the pretty package that I received in the mail a few weeks ago. I just loved the artwork aspect. Of course, a lovely box doesn’t necessarily mean a top rated product, but I was definitely intrigued by the lovely box in which was a tube of Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel.

So what is this product designed to do? According to its packaging, it is designed to be used for dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, fine lines and sagging of the skin around the eyes. Check, check, check and check! All these are things which many women of a certain age (including me!) are eager to minimize.

Yalmeh is a skin care company which focuses on creating natural products which are primarily plant based. Their products are not tested on animals, and do not contain petroleum products, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

Yalmeh Glory Eye Bright Gel is made with all-natural ingredients which are combined to optimize the appearance of the delicate skin around the eye. These ingredients include aloe vera, cucumber extract. jojoba oil and amino acids which are the building blocks of the skin’s cellular structures.

I used this product each night after cleansing my face. I used only a small dab of the gel and gently massaged into the area around my eyes, focusing on the “black bag” area. A small amount of gel was sufficient to treat both eyes. Although the tube only contains 15mls of gel, it would really go a long way due to the small amount you need to apply. The gel absorbed into the skin really easily, and left no residue on the skin. The product was clear in consistency and contained no fragrances. When I woke up in the morning, the skin around my eyes felt silky soft. What a great feeling. After continued use, I hope to see further diminishing of the bags around my eyes so that I look less tired!

Yalmeh stands by all its skin care products. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with their products, you can contact their customer service department, and they will work diligently to resolve your issues. They are truly dedicated to producing high quality, all-natural skin care products.

Check out their online store or follow them on Facebook or Twitter and find out about their complete line of skin care and cosmetic products!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Product Review: Rainbow Line Soap Dispenser #TheBathOutletRainbowLine

bathroomsoapI just received this ultra cute soap dispenser to review from The Bath Outlet is a leading online retailer of luxury bath accessories such as this one. No matter what you are looking for to accessorize your bathroom or powder room, you likely will be able to find it at The Bath Outlet.

The range of items that you can find at The Bath Outlet is really impressive. They have a wide variety (and colors!) of bath accessories, including soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders and more. The Bath Outlet also sells bathroom hardware like faucets, shower heads, sinks, vanities and toilets. If you are looking to dress up or renovate your bathroom, you will find lots of inspiration at their online store.

Just browsing through the selection of soap dispensers made me giddy! They had all types of designs, from elegant and girly to linear and modern. You can find accessories made of glass, nickel, stainless steel, and plastic. The soap dispenser I reviewed came from the Rainbow Line. These accessories are made of a thermoplastic resin. Within this product line are hand mirrors, soap dishes, makeup organizers, toothbrush holders and tissue box covers.

I decided to review a blue soap dispenser because it is my favorite color. However, there are other great colors in this model including red, orange, black, green, silver, pink, lilac and white. Instead of using it for my bathroom, I elected to use it in my kitchen beside the bar sink on my island. This is my prep sink that I use to cut vegetables and fruit. I am always a few feet away from soap to wash my hands, so I thought that having a cute soap dispenser here would be handy. There is a plastic white insert into which you put the liquid soap, then the colored cover goes over top. The pump dispenser works like a dream, and it looks amazing in my kitchen! I love the splash of color.

Check out The Bath Outlet and get ready to be WOWED. You will find lots of lovely things to outfit the bathroom of your dreams.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.